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MRtronix provides you with all kinds of adapters and converters for your serial data communication like USB to serial adapters, CAN-Bus adapters, serial device servers, PCI Express boards and serial converters. 

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New and highlighted items

Sharing USB over Ethernet and Internet. AnyplaceUSB empowers you to share connected USB devices to multiple computers over any network including Ethernet, WAN, VLAN, VPN and the Internet.

AnyplaceUSB Hubs support a wide variety of USB devices like printers, webcams, conference cams, cameras, fingerprint readers, scanners, barcode scanners, ID card scanners, security dongles, USB dongles, hard drives and flash drives, USB to serial adapters, IPhones, Ipads, Android devices and many more.

Acces USB devices over Wi-Fi. There’s no need to change your existing network configuration to let your employees share a new USB device. It can be accessed wirelessly from desktops and laptops in your office. Just share a USB ,printer, scanner or other USB device on a single PC and all your network users can work with it as if it was connected to their computer.

Optimize data traffic. With the USB to Ethernet Connector traffic compression option, you can drastically improve the transfer speed and bandwith utilization. This option will be especially useful in conjunction with the devices that tend to transfer data in uncompressed format.

Keep your data safe. Password authorization and traffic encryption for data security and safety.


AnyplaceUSB connect USB devices to multiple computers over any network



New industrial grade 16 Port USB HUB. Each port provides 5V 500mA power to downstream devices. The HUB also provides DC +5V power for external devices. It supports USB 2.0 hi-speed (480Mbps), USB 2.0 full speed (12Mbps) and USB 1.1 low speed (1.5Mbps) data rates. Click here for more information.

The new NCOM Serial Device Servers are now available from stock. The serial to ethernet serial device servers com in a plastic case and are available with 1, 2 or 4 serial ports. You can choose between the RS232 only or the RS232/422/485 model. The devices add a virtual serial COM port via network connection. Click here for more information.



CAN-BUS Adapters

New USB to CAN-Bus Adapters are available in a small metal case as a standard and optical isolated model: USB-CAN-M and USB-CAN-SI-M. Now also available as a plastic case model: USB-CAN. Click here for more information.